Persian: Black with light yellow eyes, spayed female, 5 years, 6 lbs, has claws. 

Cat friendly: Yes.

Dog friendly: With a calm and respectful dog. 

Kid friendly: Older and respectful teens.

Special needs: None. 



Nora is a quietly confident introverted companion. She will start out a tad shy and reserved but will readily adapt if given proper introductions with time and respect. Nora is really a no muss, no fuss kind of kitty. She will not demand your attention, will not demand your lap, will not demand lots of play time, won’t-well maybe-will demand her meals.

Nora has that funny little meow where you see her mouth open, but nothing really comes out. She is just darn cute. She engages in play with wand toys but shares readily with her kitty mates. She truly just enjoys lounging and soaking up the sun.

Nora has an open nose, easy breathing and eyes with little, if any drainage. Her coat is medium care. She is not fond of grooming so taking time and doing little bits at a time will serve her new family well. To ease that task, she could be groomed into a lion cut but why take away that mysterious black cloud of fur? It is so beautiful when she opens her moon yellow eyes that look like a lamp in the distance.

Estimated to be around 5 years old her new family will have many years to enjoy her company.

Nora will be fine in a multi-cat household with other respectful cats and a proper introduction or as a single. She has lived with respectful dogs. Her experience with young children is unknown. Older, respectful teens would be best since Nora is introverted and would not appreciate little ones who grab, reach, and have exuberant energy. Her quiet and docile nature would make Nora an excellent apartment kitty.

Nora enjoys 4-Health wet food twice a day along with 4-Health and Science Diet kibble. She always uses large open litter boxes with unscented clumping litter.


Spayed, vaccinated (FVRCP/rabies,) tested negative for FIV/FeLV, dental cleaning, microchipped, dewormed. She has just the slightest head tilt but it in no way impairs her.


Fostered in Oshkosh, WI

Adoption fee: $400.00.

PurrHarmony, Inc. does not transport or ship cats. We welcome long distance Adopters. Adopters must travel to the foster home or nearest airport (at the discretion of the foster parent).

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PurrHarmony does not ship or transport foster cats. Adopters must come to meet and adopt the cat. Depending upon location, foster parents may be willing to meet at a local airport.

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