Himalayan, Female, Chocolate Point, 2 years, 6 lbs and has her claws 

Cat friendly: Yes 

Dog friendly: No 

Kid friendly: Yes, 12 years + 

Special needs: None 


Yeti joined PurrrHarmony through our partnership with the CFA Breed Rescue Program. Yeti will start off very shy with people and maintain a distance or possibly hide. As she starts to warm-up, she’ll start to follow you around. Yeti would do best with an additional easy-going cat to increase her self-confidence. Yeti did join us with her sister Hemi, and they make a perfect ready-made pair. Yeti is food motivated and you’ll win her over sooner with a churu or treats. Her eyes, face and coat are easy with wiping of face and eyes and combing of coat a couple times a week. Yeti being food motivated is also food protective in that she will bat at another cat in her space while eating breakfast or dinner. She has manners and prefers to eat from her own plate. Yeti would do best in a quiet, chill home where she blossom at her own pace. A dog family member is not for Yeti but a cat-savvy child 12 years and older would be fine if they understand she’s going to need time and space to acclimate and feel at home. Once comfy if allowed she will probably sleep with you. Yeti is a lady with perfect bathroom habits, and currently uses a litter box with no top and filled with Worlds Best Cat Litter. She enjoys a breakfast and dinner of Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Chicken (rehydrated) and a water fountain for fresh drinks.


Spayed, microchipped, negative for fiv & felv, vaccinated for fvcrp & rabies, wormed, dental. 


Fostered in Valparaiso IN. (about 40 minutes from Chicago) 

Adoption fee: $375.00. 

PurrHarmony, Inc. does not transport or ship cats. We welcome long distance Adopters. Adopters must travel to the foster home or nearest airport (at the discretion of the foster parent).

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Type: Himalayan

Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Weight: 6 pounds

Color: Chocolate Point

Cat Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: No

Kid Friendly: 12+

Vetting: Fixed, wormed, rabies and distemper vaccines, FELV/FIV negative, microchipped, dental.

PurrHarmony does not ship or transport foster cats. Adopters must come to meet and adopt the cat. Depending upon location, foster parents may be willing to meet at a local airport.

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