Purebred Sphynx: Calico, greenish eyes, spayed female, 3 years, 9 lbs, has claws. 

Cat friendly: Yes.

Dog friendly: Unknown. Likely with a quiet, cat friendly dog

Kid friendly: Yes. Older and respectful cat-savvy kids.

Special needs: None. 



Tanya is a sweet, calm and loving purebred sphynx. Tanya is an absolute honey who wants to burrow into your lap and enjoys nothing more than being held like a baby against your chest and on your shoulder. Her purr is so loud, it will become white noise to help you fall into a deep sleep. She loves to rub her face all over yours and make some biscuits while she is at it. 

Tanya has beautiful calico markings, a deep and dark face mask and some fur! It is quite common for sphynx to have patches of fur that can come and go during stress, seasonal changes or even while experiencing health issues. Tanya has longer patchy fur around her haunches and the base of her tail. She also has wispy thinner hair on most of her body except for her belly and her chest. Her coat is much like that of a devon rex. The naked gene is a recessive gene so again, hair can be common and come and go. It can be seen by looking carefully at the photos.

Tanya can be just a little talkative, especially when she wants human company, has a bit of playfulness in her and generally does well with another kitty. She will back down from more dominant cats so be sure if you already have another kitty that Tanya gets to have her human lap time. She would be so sad without it. Tanya has enjoyed her food in the past and is just a bit chubby at 9 pounds. More love, less food will take care of that before it gets out of control. 

We do not know if she has ever lived with a dog or children, but a respectful dog and older kids would likely be fine with slow and appropriate introductions. 

Expect to do some occasional bathing with Tanya. Her ears and nails do collect waxy build-up commonly found in the breed. Her body is not particularly oily. 

Tanya would do best in a quieter household, especially one where she had lots of access to her people. She would be a fine apartment kitty. Tanya should be schedule fed measured amounts of food (currently eating Science Diet sensitive skin and stomach). She is faithful to a large, open litterbox with unscented clumping litter.


Exam, spayed, tested negative for FELV/FIV, FVRCP and rabies vaccinated, fecal tested negative and is microchipped.


Fostered in Oshkosh, WI

Adoption fee: $450.00.

PurrHarmony, Inc. does not transport or ship cats. We welcome long distance Adopters. Adopters must travel to the foster home or nearest airport (at the discretion of the foster parent).

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