British Shorthair



Blue British Shorthair, female, spayed, 14 years old ,11 pounds, has all his claws 
Cat friendly: Limited 
Dog friendly: Respectful dogs who would ignore her 
Kid friendly: Older or no children 
Special Needs: HOSPICE ADOPTION; Tales was diagnosed in July 2022 with mammary cancer. Two small tumors were removed with clear margins. No other evidence of spread has been detected. She is living a normal and full life.  



We are never promised tomorrow, but PurrHarmony promises tomorrow to every single cat in our care who is living a high-quality life. Tales is that cat.  She came to us as part of the CFA breed rescue program, a senior gal who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to ask for it. Like most of our cats she did need vetting. Scheduled for a routine dental, we asked that the vet check out some suspicious abdominal bumps. It was incredibly frustrating to learn that those bumps upon removal and testing were cancerous. We investigated options and given the type of cancer, her age and the high-quality of life she was living, all felt the very best thing we could do was to allow that to continue without further intervention. We were told she could live a couple of weeks or years. That was 4 months ago and to date, Tales has never looked back.  We won’t either. So let us share more about her. 

Tales is a gem. She is a seasoned senior who LOVES attention and petting and will ask for it by instantly head bumping her people and if ignored, pawing to say, “HELLOOOOO … I’m right here”.  She will allow you to pet her for hours. If that isn’t enough, she will trade it for gentle grooming and brushing. And then, it isn’t long before she is off in her trance of ecstasy, drooling and purring enough to be heard throughout the house.   

This old gal also likes to play. She especially enjoys batting a crinkle ball across the room, sliding into action like she is ready to be part of World Cup action. She doesn’t let the aches and pains of arthritis stop her. Rather she will stretch out for a nice long nap in the sun to recover.   

So why is she named “Tales”. Her name is a shortened version of her former name. Tales was born with a short tail. It is about half the length of a normal tail. She suffered no injury; she was born that way.   

All we want for her is to live-and really LIVE her life until it is time to say goodbye. She shows no signs of slowing down. She had full exams including radiographs that showed no sign of spread of the cancer. Although she lived with several cats in a previous life, she really does know her own mind. Tales wants to be front and center. Cats really aren’t her thing—people are.  That’s what we want her to have.   

Tales could live with another cat who allowed her to be queen or ignored her. The same would be true for a dog. Little children would not be appropriate for Tales. She has arthritis in her hips and spine and should not be picked up or tugged on by hands that aren’t steady, slow and careful.  She currently gets a low-grade pain medication and a joint supplement to keep her most comfortable. It limits her slightly. She will not be a counter surfer nor jump to high places. Steps are fine. She will enjoy a lap. Getting to higher places should be gradual. A lower sided litterbox would be best. A quiet apartment life or one where it is quiet and routine would be a little slice of heaven for her. 

Tales has a lush, thick coat that needs brushing. Without it, she sheds quite a bit. Her eyes gunk up on occasion. She can get a little sassy with nail trims so slow and bit-by-bit works best. She has a loud raspy voice that you will hear if she wants attention. It isn’t excessive but she lets you know when she wants in on the action. She is a sturdy, thick girl who would benefit from schedule feeding and maybe losing just a little bit of her middle.   

Her vetting has included full exam, complete blood panel and urinalysis, dental with extractions, tumor removal, radiographs, rabies and distemper vaccines, worming, FELV/FIV negative testing, microchipping. 

 She is fostered in OSHKOSH, WI. Her hospice adoption fee is waived to the right person who will afford her the chance to really live until she doesn’t and who knows when it is time to make the best decision for Tales.


PurrHarmony does not transport or ship cats. New owners must pick up the new family member in person. When convenient, a foster parent may agree to meet the adopter at an airport convenient to the foster home. 



To be considered as a possible forever home for Tales, please click on the APPLY button below:

Type: British Shorthair

Age: 14 Years

Sex: Female

Weight: 11 lbs

Color: Blue

Cat Friendly: Limited

Dog Friendly: Yes

Kid Friendly: 10+

Vetting: Fixed, wormed, rabies and distemper vaccines, FELV/FIV negative,  blood panel, urinalysis, dental, tumor removal, radiographs and microchipped.

PurrHarmony does not ship or transport foster cats. Adopters must come to meet and adopt the cat. Depending upon location, foster parents may be willing to meet at a local airport.

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