Scottish Straight

Hobbit, Pippin, Whimsey, Dobby

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Hobbit ~ ADOPTED! 3 years old, Male Neutered, Scottish Straight, coat color Lilac,
eye color Gold, 11 pounds, has all claws.
Pippin ~ ADOPTED! 2 years old, Male Neutered, Scottish Straight, coat color Lilac,
eye color Copper, 10 pounds, has all claws.
Whimsey ~ PENDING! 2 years old, Male Neutered, Scottish Straight, coat color Chocolate,
eye color Gold, 7 pounds, has all claws.

Dobby ~ PENDING! 1 year old, Male Neutered, Scottish Straight, coat color Lilac,
eye color Copper, 8 pounds, has all claws.

Cat friendly: Yes

Dog friendly: No

Kid friendly: No

Special needs: None 



The boys all had the same mother and father but were born one year apart, with the exception of Pippin and Whimsey, they are littermates. Hobbit, Pippin and Dobby are Lilac coat (LILAC: frosty-grey with a pinkish tone. Nose leather and paw pads: lavender-pink) and Whimsey is Chocolate coat (CHOCOLATE: rich chestnut brown.  Nose leather: brown. Paw pads: brown or cinnamon). Both coat colors are quite rare and striking. Photos can’t quiet capture these colors but they are a sight to see.   All four boys will start out shy but once they settle in, they will rub themselves all over you looking for attention. All four are looking for patient, loving families to work with them so that they continue to bloom. They’ve already come such a long way.
When the four boys joined us, they hid and avoided any interaction or eye contact. We let them dictate the pace and thankfully all are super food motivated and love wand toys, so it was just a matter of earning their trust and giving them time. They were so worth the wait! They are plush and soft with easy low maintenance coats. When Pippin is feeling scared, overstimulated or pushed too far, he will swat and or get mouthy. All are looking for a super relaxed, quiet home with an adult or two who are home more often than not so that they can bond and build trust and self-confidence. Being retired or working from home would be a huge plus. Love, patience and cat experience is a must as well as positive reinforcement training only! All four are fantastic together and play, mutual groom, eat and sleep together. They either need to be adopted in pairs, three or all four if you want a ready-made clowder. If not applying for at least a pair, an existing resident cat that is super easy-going and sweet is a must. No dogs or children because that would be way too much for these kind cautious souls. Being an only cat is not an option for any of the boys as we fear they would just shut down. The boys can be very active, thoroughly enjoy cat trees, all toys, horizontal and vertical scratchers. They will watch nature from their cat tree with great fascination. Once the boys trust they will seek out people for petting, play, rubbing and slow blinks. 
Free feeding is not allowed or they would eat non-stop, be obese and unhealthy. Currently the boys eat a variety of wet, dehydrated and raw food which are fed for breakfast and dinner. When working with a shy cat it is best to schedule feed a food that’s highly desirable, so they know all yummy things come from their new person and it’s a bonding experience. They have perfect litterbox habits and prefer large, open top boxes with an unscented scoopable litter.

A little information on their breed. The Scottish Breed Group is made up of four breeds … the Scottish Fold, longhair and shorthair and the Scottish Straight, longhair and shorthair. These can all be born in the same litter as one another and are identical except that the ears of the Scottish Straight are normal, upright ears and the Scottish Fold ears are folded forward and down. Both Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights have the same structural features and personalities. Big, round shoe-button eyes open up the face in the rounded head giving a super sweet expression. A sturdy body is covered with padding resulting in a solid feel to this medium-sized cat. In their lineage are Persians, American Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, British Shorthair, American Shorthair and even Burmese.


Neutered, vaccinated (FVRCP/rabies,) tested negative for FIV/FeLV, microchipped, dewormed.


Fostered: Valparaiso, IN (40 minutes from Chicago and Michigan and 2 hrs from Wisconsin)

Adoption fee: $450.00 each.

PurrHarmony, Inc. does not transport or ship cats. We welcome long distance Adopters. Adopters must travel to the foster home or nearest airport (at the discretion of the foster parent).

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