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Purebred Siberian: Cameo (red silver) mackerel tabby, gold eyes, neutered male, 6 months, 7 lbs, has claws.

Cat friendly: Yes (must have a similar aged and active, feline companion).

Dog friendly: probably with appropriate introductions and a dog that ignores him.

Kid friendly: Respectful cat savvy children.

Special needs: Must have another young playful cat or adopt two.



Yes, he really is a purebred Siberian! You might not believe it, but Forest is more drop dead gorgeous in person. He is a stunning cameo (red silver) mackerel tabby Siberian with an amazing long triple coat. His coat is super thick with a base of white and tipped with beautiful red highlights. He loves being groomed and that is a good thing because he has hair for days! He is a kitten, and Siberians are not considered full-grown until 5 years old, so this boy has many years of growing in front of him.

Forest arrived at PurrHarmony with a hop instead of a normal running gate. He has seen a board-certified neurologist, and we have been told there is nothing to fix. He likely had a hairline fracture as a young kitten and after healing it gave him his signature hippity-hop.

Being a kitten, he tears through the house playing with all the other cats, napping with them or sleeping on a person. He plays hard like a kitten; sneaks around, stalks, jumps and attacks with a hunter-like vibe. He is pretty high energy, but he is also very respectful with other cats, so when they signal it’s enough, he’ll play on his own or drift off to sleep. Kittens do best in pairs so his new home must have an age and energy appropriate feline companion. He loves toys of any kind but prefers interactive play with cats and people over solitary play. That means you need to run through your house with reckless abandon while trailing a wand toy.

Forest loves cat trees near windows and while watching wildlife will often fall asleep. Trimming nails is no problem and he is a champ at using vertical and horizontal scratching posts. Keep in mind he is a kitten and still learning so if he scratches or gets into something he should not it is easy to redirect him by throwing a toy for him to fetch or grabbing his attention with a wand toy. No declawing, not ever! He absolutely adores people, and he sleeps on top of a person most of the time while purring loudly. He will carry on full conversations with people and is so smart that he already knows some tricks.

Forest is perfect with his litterbox, using a large, open-style box with unscented clumping litter. Proper litter box husbandry means one litter box per cat, plus as extra. He even uses

a litter robot! This kitten loves food and is growing at a break-neck pace eating Honest Kitchen dehydrated food which is schedule fed for breakfast and dinner. Fresh water is always available from bowls or fountains, and he enjoys both.

Starting out in a room as basecamp with introductions and access to the home should be at a speed acceptable and safe for Forest and other pets in the home.


Exam, neuter, tested negative for FELV/FIV, FVRCP and rabies vaccinated, de-wormed and is microchipped. He also had two rounds of x-rays, laser treatments and a consultation with a board-certified neurologist to be sure he is in tip-top condition.


Fostered Valparaiso, IN (40 minutes from Chicago and Michigan and 2 hrs from Wisconsin)

Adoption fee: $500.00.

PurrHarmony, Inc. does not transport or ship cats. We welcome long distance Adopters. Adopters must travel to the foster home or nearest airport (at the discretion of the foster parent).
Cat must be picked up within two weeks of adoption approval/acceptance unless prior arrangements have been made.


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PurrHarmony does not ship or transport foster cats. Adopters must come to meet and adopt the cat. Depending upon location, foster parents may be willing to meet at a local airport.

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