Colette and her brother Louis came to PurrHarmony in January.

An immediate intake veterinary visit with Dr. Brooke McAfee raised grave concerns. At 12 weeks old the kittens had a malady of issues. They weighed 1/3 of their expected weight, had severe upper respiratory infection that required constant opening of the airways and ear mites so egregious that plugs had to be removed from their ears.

Both had ringworm and crusty, scaley skin and both had a heart murmur. Colette’s was so significant at her young age that Dr. McAfee followed it up with an x-ray discovering that her heart was about 2-3 times the normal size.

An echocardiogram was scheduled a few weeks out to first address the other more apparent issues and help her be strong enough to undergo the procedure. She was so fragile.

As they gained weight, the upper respiratory distress was addressed, and ear mites eradicated. A safe ringworm protocol was implemented. The results of her heart test were what we feared. Colette has multiple heart issues that cannot be fixed but only managed.

Next steps in her care include meeting with a cardiology specialty team who can help us manage Colette’s heart issues with medications. She will need constant monitoring and regular echocardiograms. Colette is currently not in congestive heart failure and until that time she will live her best life.

PurrHarmony will give her quality time with a full life of experiences packed into whatever time she is gifted. Are we sad, “no”. We are going to live life with Colette and be thankful for every single day.

Will you help us support Colette?

If you can contribute to her extensive and ongoing care, we’d greatly appreciate it. Equally important and appreciated is prayer, healing energy and sharing of her story.


We need your help!