Specifics: Neutered male, seal point Siamese, 5 years, 8 pounds, has all his claws 

Cat friendly: YES 

Dog friendly: Probably 

Kid friendly: No children 

Special Needs: has vestibular disease which has made him a bit clumsy and when stressed walks in clockwise circles; has mild vitiligo (loss of skin pigmentation)–nothing needed for this; needs substantial emotional support, quiet household, routine and understanding of the breed. 


From the heart of a foster mom—Bentley will captivate and capture every bit of compassion and intrigue you can muster. He will challenge you to give him reasons to trust and will reward you with his attention, belly flops and a bond that comes only from a Siamese. His time in rescue having joined us via the CFA breed rescue program has been a reawakening of his personality and characteristics that are inherent with his Siamese background. Bentley is quite vocal and will tell you all about his day. He is food obsessed. Let me repeat that—food OBSESSED. It is a wonderful tool to help build trust and one that must be monitored. He will eat all that is put in front of him, behind him or anywhere within reach. “Scarf and barf” was named for him. You can prevent this with scheduled and monitored feeding. 

If you have ever loved and understood a Siamese, you get it. You are the person he needs. Bentley will take time, routine and commitment and is worth every last ounce you have to give. There is no predicting how far he has yet to come. He is quite handsome. Even as his pigmentation changes, he remains a stunning guy. His vitiligo is slow progressing. You can see some loss of color on his face and his paw pads have turned completely pink! His vestibular disease causes him to walk in clockwise circles. The more stressed he is, the faster he trots and the tighter the circle. For him it is a genetic condition and does not progress or make him ill.   

His weakness is Churu treats. They will help you to bond they are perfect if he ever needs to be pilled. He also accommodates liquid medication in his food. How easy is that? He has learned that toys are actually fun and loves to caterwaul carrying around his toy mouse kill! Nothing feels better to Bentley than an old-fashioned belly rub. He will throw himself over on the floor and snuggled up tight to you on the couch or bed. Rub-a-dub-dub.  Then he will climb into your lap for a little snooze.  

If you love the relationship and bond of a Siamese and are willing to invest a lifetime into Bentley, please apply for him. He is currently living with 2 other Siamese, Layla and Matt who have some similar emotional challenges.  Bentley does well with either or both, either would be a great pair or even a trio. He would do best with another cat to model and to snuggle with during quiet times.  

Vetting provided: Neutered, Rabies and Distemper vaccines, wormed, several full blood panels and urinalyses, tested negative for FELV/FIV, dentals with extractions, exam by neurologist and ophthalmologist for his vestibular disease, is microchipped. 

BENTLEY is located in OSHKOSH, WI. His adoption fee is waived for the right person who has and knows the heart of a Siamese. 


PurrHarmony does not transport or ship cats. New owners must pick up the new family member in person. When convenient, a foster parent may agree to meet the adopter at an airport convenient to the foster home. 



To be considered as a possible forever home for Bentley, please click on the APPLY button below:

Type: Siamese

Age: 5 Years

Sex: Male

Weight: 8 lbs

Color: Seal Point

Cat Friendly: Yes

Dog Friendly: Probably

Kid Friendly: No

Vetting: Fixed, wormed, rabies and distemper vaccines, FELV/FIV negative,  blood panel, urinalysis, dental with extractions and microchipped.

PurrHarmony does not ship or transport foster cats. Adopters must come to meet and adopt the cat. Depending upon location, foster parents may be willing to meet at a local airport.

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